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Custom House Portraits

A hand-painted miniature house portrait is a personal and thoughtful gift that can be given at any number of occasions and milestones:

  • Housewarming

  • First home purchase

  • Memorializing a family home

  • Moving away

  • Retirement

  • Downsizing

  • Major renovations 

  • Birthday/ holiday


Each house portrait measures approximately 6x6 inches (a total size of 8x8 inches, unframed). If you’re interested in a larger painting, please reach out to me directly. Celebrating a home with family or roommates? Additional prints of the original artwork can be created for a small additional cost.

The process

We’ll work together to capture the essence of your home—I’ll use a number of images to create a composition that best reflects the home. After placing your order, I will reach out to you for a straight-on photo of the front of the home.


You'll also provide the street address of the home during checkout, which will be used for additional visual research to understand the foliage around the house and neighborhood.

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